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Institute of Tantra Session 2

1.5Hr    $180


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 “There is a way of breathing that is a shame and a suffocation, and there is another way of expiring a LOVE BREATH that lets you open infinitely”

Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi – 13thC Sufi Mystic.


In session 2 we will be covering three main poses. Cobra, Cat and the Body Rock and Sway. These will be accompanied with several Pranayama Techniques - or breathing techniques. The Sanskrit word for Prana means life-force. Pranyama (the act of taking in Prana) teaches that during the retention portion of the breath cycle, one should consciously retain the prana, then release the carbon dioxide (and other gases) from the lungs during exhalation while storing the prana in the third Chakra.


Pranyama techniques covered will be the Circle Breath, Trapezoidal Breath, Kundalini Breath, Pranavayu Rasa, Prana Sukha and the Solar Luna Breath together with other breathiing techniques. When one is ready for Tantric Lovemaking, the Shiva Shakti principles unite within themselves and each other. There is a convergence and synchronization of their breaths; life force merging into a vortex, physical and subtle energy exchange taking place.


“When the breath is unsteady, all is unsteady; when the breath is still; all is still. Control the breath carefully. Inhalation gives strength and a controlled body; retention gives steadiness of mind and longevity; exhalation purifies body and spirit.” Goraksasathakam.


Level 2 will promote the breath. You will walk away with fundamental knowledge of the different types of breaths and will allow you to find the central pathway between mind and body. They will learn to draw energy from above and below. Dynamic body movements that will allow a deep release. The  main aim of this session is the newly formulates and added techniques of the Kama Sutra postures and positions and how the breathing techniques enhance the sexual energy in the body while performing these body movements. Which positions are best for which breath and which body movement enhances which area and erogenous zone of your body. This additional training is given to practitioners of the Method who have been trained at Head Office. Email for details on a skilled and advanced practitioner near you.


This level is a tool that will be useful in advanced level of Tantric skills.Tantric breath is also a purification breath and as you breathe you will feel energy rising, feeling like wave ripples throughout your body. You will feel cleansed and feel this purification meet with the heart.


In this session you will learn about the different tantric breaths which are essential for any tantric experience. You will experience the Taoist channel movements to stimulate and energize your body incorporating powerful breath work with dynamic movements. The practitioner will build heat over the Chakras and you will draw in energy through breath.


Beginning with a summary of session one, in session two you will learn powerful breath work and how to deep breathe in unison with the movement of energy. Connecting the base chakra energy with the heart chakra through cobra breath and body movements to help bring the energy to higher centres, this level will require alot of body movements.



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