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We are offering couples for couples sessions. If you are a couple and would like to be paired with another couple for an instructional session where you can be involved in learning with other bodies then we can assist with pairing you. 
Allow our instructor to guide the 4 of you into a beautiful spiritual connection and experience that is deeper than just a swingers experience. 
Fill in the expression of interest below and outline your details and the type of couple you would prefer and we can do our best to pair you with another couple. 
This is a great way to engage in this type of experience without going out to the club scene or answer ads on social websites. 
Friendships generally follow. 
Most sessions run for 1.5hrs and allows an extra 30 minutes of private use of the room for the 4 of you after the session. Time to dress and undress as an additional half hour which means a you should allow 2.5hrs for this session. 
Fill in the form below to begin this journey..
Alternatively, if you would like another single male, or a single female to join you in this experience please outline this also as we could possibly organise a single male or female. If you are a single male or female and would like to be paired with another couple, please register your interest below.

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