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The work we do demands a high degree of sensibility from all involved and always entails a certain risk of stepping over personal or external boundaries.


With this in mind, mutual respect is vital. It is in the nature of things that a certain intimacy arises during our sessions. Under these circumstances, it is easy for emotions to come to the surface which, in turn, may trigger the desire to want to give something in return by way of physical contact. Of course there is a certain latitude for tender, good-natured contact such as holding hands, hugging or gentle stroking. This type of contact is generally tolerated.


However, it is important to respect the personal boundaries of your practitioner at all times. A dismissive reaction should be respected as such, and a verbal denial must be accepted immediately.


Unless otherwise discussed and booked for, touching the person giving the session without permission will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


Generally, we recommend that you shy away from initiating any physical contact. During the session unless you have booked for a mutual experience and boundaries and acceptable mutual touching is agreed upon, try to give yourself over to the skilled hands of your practitioner and revel in the tingling sensation as it spreads throughout your body – in the knowledge that, for once, you do not have to give or do anything and can simply lie back and relax as the experience washes over you.




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