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We understand that sensality is not always as easy to understand as other energy forms in the body.


Sensuality can take on many sights, sounds, shapes and forms and can, at times, not feel the way we want it to feel. That is why at Trikona we are offering services focused on enhancing, understanding and correlating sexuality into our everyday lives in a more easier way through our therapy services.


Offering services like transpersonal counselling, couples therapy, sexual surrogacy and sex coaching, Ishimpo is leading the way to a better sexual understanding of oneself as well as their sexual partner/s.


We have out house therapists with skills in the above mentioned therapies and can refer you to local trained professionals. 


If you would like to discus the options available to you or to discuss your own personal journey in your sexuality then call us today and let us find a solution for you.


If we feel that we cannot assist you we have a great source of referrals to other medical professionals in the field.


Our knowledge stems from modern medical and clinical knlwedge to ancient techniques and methods to allow you a more wider range of learning, growing and expanding both as an individual and as a couple.




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