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 How can I arrange an appointment?


 Appointments can be made in advance or for the same day. We work only by appointment and we only recommend calling prior to making a booking or texting the number on the website. 


Is there a sexual exchange during your sessions?


 We do not offer a sexual exchange in the sessions. You can find more details on the content of our sessions on the left panel. These sessions are priced accordingly and will need to be booked for and discussed prior to the appointment starting.


 Can I freshen up before the session?


Of course. You have plenty of time to shower before and after your session.


Do Institute of Tantra staff have professional training?


Yes. Go to the detailed view under Team to find out more about the professional experience and qualifications of our practitioners (coming soon). 


 Can I choose my practitioner?


Naturally you are free to choose the practitioner you would like. Receiving a session is a very personal and intimate experience, and the right chemistry between you and your practitioner can take your pleasure to whole new heights. contact us to arrange an appointment and for our thoughts on who is best suited to you prior to the appointment.  


I am disabled. I would like to receive a session from a practitioner. Is that possible?


YES, We can usually accommodate such requests in the case of mental illnesses or mild physical disabilities. However, prior consultation with the practitioner in question is required before arranging a definitive appointment. If you suffer from a severe physical disability, we recommend that you book your session with one of our practitioners who specialise in sessions for disabled persons. See disabled persons page on left panel. 


 I would like to book my appointment further in advance than one week. Is that possible?


It depends which practitioners you would like to receive your session from.Let us know who you would like to be serviced by and when, and we will do our best to accommodate you.


As a woman, can I also enjoy the services offered by Institute of Tantra?


Of course. We warmly welcome female clients.


As a same-sex couple, can we enjoy a couples session at your studio?


Of course. We would be delighted to welcome you.



Is the time I take to change and shower deducted from the session time?


No. Changing and showing is not taken into account. Extended conversations with the practitioners are, however, counted against the time booked.


Do you make home or hotel visits?


This is unfortunately not possible for organizational reasons.



Can I touch my practitioner?


It is up to the individual practitioner to decide in the moment whether she will allow herself to be touched. If you exercise the necessary sensitivity, tender caresses are generally tolerated.


What is the difference between a tantric and a sensual bodywork?


A tantra session is performed according to a specific pattern (from outside to inside, from below to above, chakra and pranayama caresses). The aim is to achieve an energetic state. When performing a sensual session, however, the practitioner works intuitively to slowly yet surely move the energy of the person receiving the session with the ultimate goal of helping them reach samadhi.



I would like to enjoy a tantric session, but I am concerned that I will be too excited at the start of the session to tolerate a longer session. What options are open to me?


Our practitioners make every effort to ensure that you maintain your excitement for as long as possible and derive maximum  enjoyment throughout the entire session. However, if you think that you will not be able to enjoy the session in this way, please notify your practitioner of this fact and they will start by relaxing you with a brief sensual session. They will then perform the tantric session, which you will now hopefully be able to enjoy to the fullest and most indulgent extent. There is no price surcharge for this. 


Why do you not use feathers and fur during tantric sessions?


It can be very pleasant to be stroked with feathers and fur. Unfortunately, however, feathers and fur are unhygienic since they cannot be properly washed after each use. We therefore refrain from using them completely during our sessions. If you would like to experience a session featuring soft and tender caresses, we recommend our Samvahana tantra, which uses a silk scarf that is washed using a special detergent after each use and is therefore completely hygienic.



A certain medication which has been prescribed to me by my doctor has an adverse side-effect on my energy. Can I still get a session at your studio?


There are a whole range of medications that may cause erectile dysfunction or even adversely impact a person's drive, such as antihypertensives and antidepressants. Your practitioner would be grateful if you could notify them of any such issues before the start of the session


I have had prostate surgery in the past and can therefore no longer get an erection. Can I still get a session at your studio?


Of course you can. You do not have to get an erection in order to experience tantric energy. Your practitioner would be grateful if you could notify them of any such issues before the start of the session so they can structure the session accordingly. In most cases, more time will be allotted to erotic stimulation.


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