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Concept of our Bodywork


Our priority is your indulgence. We strive to provide you with an unforgettable experience in impeccable surroundings. We will attend to your every need and envelop you in a feeling of emotional tenderness and physical closeness. We offer two basic types of Touch:


Wellness Bodywork 


Choose from our wide range of first-class wellness services. 




A rollercoaster ride of feelings and emotions awaits you. After an initial relaxing bodywork session, your senses will be awakened by a sexually arousing body-to-body session that will leave your body prickling with pleasure. We would appreciate your understanding that all activity during the session is initiated by the practitioner. You are the recipient of the session. The distribution of roles (who is giving and who is receiving) is thus clearly defined – as it is in any conventional session. The pleasure of being able to lie back and relax into the passive role will help you feel at one with your emotions and thus promote a feeling of positive well-being.


Mutual Bodywork Options


There are however options of being able to give and recieve. We love to touch and understand that touch is an erogenous zone. We love to be touched when there is a mutual understanding of boundaries and an understanding of how the session is conducted. This is a session that will be decided prior to the appointment beginning. 






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