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Referral Positions being offered in Towns and Cities all over the World


If you are a tantra practitioner already, and would like to join in to our system with referrals and appointments through our administration and advertising platforms which is second to none in comparison to other establishments. If you have a place in which you work from currently, either as a Tantra practitioner or a therapist in similar styles offered on this site, then please apply for a referral position with our establishment. 


We will work with advertising, marketing, and promotion of you as well as offer ongoing email support as well as training and assistance with clients in the long term of your business. 


We currently have over 2500 clients awaiting responce for appointments thorugh our system at present and we are seeking professional practitioners who will be happy to take on more work and more appointments through our referral system. 


It is essential that the prospective person is able to understand sacred sexually and be able to teach this. You will be guiding clients into a more sacred space within their own sexuality.We are looking for practitioners with great work ethics, punctuality, honesty and strength and able to work independently and within a team.You will be given a percentage per client and administration skills are needed as well as communication skills.You will need to be comfortable within your own body, have a wonderful smile and know how to make clients feel comfortable and at ease within the studio/temple.


You will need to be comfortable with bodies of all shapes and sizes.You will receive an excellent rate of pay paid per session to you directly and enter into a worldwide phenomenon that is the Institute of Tantra.


 having knowledge of the Chakras and breathing (pranayama) will be highly regarded, as well as experience in massage, healing or alternative therapy modality. To Apply for the Position please email Resume and Recent photo of yourself to instituteoftantra(@) .




We are requiring an administration professional to work from Los Angeles. 

If you are already a consulting firm, or a virtual office, please contact us for this position. Happy to pay a premiuim for your services. 

We are seeking someone to answer telephone calls and make appointments through our large netwrk of advertising platforms. 


We are offering a percentage base to the right applicant. Seeking an already established firm or business in a similar industry to take on this service for us. If you know someone who is able to work from home or office and would like to answer calls and make appointments for practitioners currently all over the US and europe, please contact us today. 


We are seeking to offer practitioner training, workshops and retreats all over the United states and would like to take someone on board who is great with marketing and advertising as well as appointment setting and bookings. 



Please EMAIL us with a resume and references or a link to your website/business details. 




Our doors are open to previously trained JLT practiitoners. The sessions that you have learnt are from OUR years of research, training, education and experience and NOT the Licensee... the training that you recieved is from a licensee in the program only. As much integrity and love has gone into the sessions it is important to always respect the source of your knowledge and appreciate with gratitude in where it origionally came from.  An opportunity was given to your through our licensee only, however, this can continue thorugh head office at the institute of tantra if you so wish to. 


If you would like to discuss further the opportunity to continue to work with the Institute of Tantra - Please email jadelotus(@) and discuss further the possibilities of worldwide travel and work in this field or referrals to you in your city/state.  


We have a large network within the professional spectrum and advertising campaigns in many avenues - not just the internet eg. medical journals, university papers, magazines and newspaper articles and documentary film and television interviews. 


You are not controlled or tied to anyone in relation to your training. And renaming it is not living in integrity with what you have learnt as a tantrika. It is recommended to discuss your options with the person who created the program. I am expressing this option so that there is no karmic debt to anyone, especially those who have relied on JLT as only source of income.




“If you send out goodness from yourself, or if you share that which is happy or good within you, it will all come back to you multiplied ten thousand times. In the kingdom of love there is no competition; there is no possessiveness or control. The more love you give away, the more love you will have.”

― John O'Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom




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