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Add to your skill pile these exotic and beautiful Bodywork Skills.


NURU BODYWORK - Nuru is a slippery and sensual body to body program, Encompassing different levels and techniques in the Nuru you will learn how to enhance the effects of strong physical touch through Nuru Play. Nuru Gel Recipie and Physical techniques are taught. Great to learn Nuru as you can encompass this into Tantra techniques also. 

1 Full Day $800US.     $700EU


TURKISH BATH - a great addition to any service that you offer. The turkish bath stems from the traditional Hammam services found in Europe. Learn how to make the Bubbles and the Kese as well as sensual and beautiful Techniques to add to your modalities on offer. 

4 Hours $450US    $400EU


SOAPLAND -  This is a great body to body session encompassing a beautiful soap lather enriched experience - coupled with a brilliant technique for the bodywork.. soapland is not conducted with the hands.. only with the rest of the body... 

1 Day $800 US   $700 EU


SULTANS RITUAL - A beautiful soap bubbles and soap lather bodywork while seated. A great addition to your service for assisting with disabled as well as abled clients. This is a beautiful bathing ceremony. 

4 Hours $450   $400EU


SUKEBE - Known as a japanese seated bodywork. This is conducted with a special chair with a gap between the legs. Enjoy this traditional japanese ceremony. The session is conducted in a bath or large shower. A beautiful water ceremony session. 

4 Hours $450   $400 EU


KAMA SUTRA - This is a beautiful technique of sensuality and spirituality coupled with beautiful dance and bodywork. The Kama Sutra Sessions are 3 in total. 



All beautiful experiences and can be added into your services for a beautiful ritual of ceremonies. 


To learn all three Kama Sutra Techniques the training costs are $800US $700EU) for 2 Days Training.  Individually it is $300US (250EU) per training. for 6 Hours per level. 


CONSCIOUS BDSM -  This is a soft introduction to the skilled arts of Submission and surrender. A beautiful way of encompassing your skills as a dominant Goddess to the world of Bondage and Discipline. 

Email for more details.   $300US or $250 EU  for 4 Hours. 


Email for more details. 






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