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Offer your clients an 8 level Kundalini Bodywork and Energetics Program and be Apart of the new Worldwide Spiritual, healing and therapeutic Modality.


Certified Training Consists of 2 Dynamic Intensive Days To Get You Ready For Your Clients. (Ongoing Support for all our practitioners.)




*Kundalini Dharma talks and discussions

*The chakras in depth

*100 Marma Point locations and their importance in cellular communication.

* Marma Point Touch - Connecting the energy from point to point. *Corresponding Marma points to each chakra

*Dosha knowledge and diagnostic indicators

*Kundalini Chakra diagnostic compositing

* Mudras - Energetic hand sculptures

*Client awareness, expectations and sensate therapy

*Counselling Skills to assist with expansion and awareness through personal issues

*Supervised practice to get you ready for clients

*Marketing and business skills (private consultations available)

* Extensive informational Kundalini Manual provided in PDF format on registration.

* Certificate provided on Completion.



2014/15 Kundalini Training 3 full days ($800US)

One on One training Available 



Kundalini Training 3 Full Days - $900EU

Third Day is Training on Kundalini Therapy Component. Not previously offered.



 This KUNDALINI BODYWORK & ENERGETICS Professional Training Offers You the opportunity to provide a full in-depth Structured Spiritual Energetic program to your clients including an extensive manual.


Suitable for Massage Therapists, Body Workers, Healers, and other Holistic Modalities, or learn for your own personal interest. You will learn to work in harmony with your clients and allow healing to occur naturally. Guiding clients to be aware of and facilitate energy within their bodies. The balance of Yin and Yang in healing and working as a healer. Kundalini Energy works with life force energies and divine elements in cleansing the Chakra System, and powerful breath work to open up channels in the body & facilitate vitality, growth & power

8 Level Kundalini Bodywork And Energetics Program


Level 1: Introduction to Kundalini Bodywork - Full body touch and a diagnostic assessment of your energetic channels and chakras. Marma Point therapy, Energetic point work in the body.


Level 2: Focus on Root - Focusing on Family, Religion & Culture Level


3: Focus on Sacral - Focusing on Creativity and Sexuality Level


4: Focus on Solar Plexus - Focusing on Confidence and Self Esteem


Level 5: Focus on Heart - Focusing on Love and Relationships


Level 6: Focus on Throat - Focusing on Communication and Expression


Level 7: Focus on Brow - Focusing on Intuition and Wisdom


Level 8: Focus on Crown - Focusing on the Source of Self


Each energy centre will bring out a personal experience and memories to clients. The Kundalini Work allows you to work through these areas in a more profound way. Somewhat like a bodywork Counsellor/Therapist. You will learn the key elements to the kundalini Bodywork through the Training with the Institute of Tantra. All previous trained practitioner have missed out on key elements to the training via the therapy component. Please contact us again for a refresher training package.


This is a dynamic class format including centering-relaxation sessions, lectures, practical marma point location instruction, questions and answer sessions and demonstrations of therapeutic processes. Time will be given for hands-on supervised practice using techniques learnt in the class. In addition, practical self-healing techniques for stress, and tools for well being to help yourself and others are also covered in class. Going through Ayurvedic Doshas, Marma Point therapy, Chakra balancing techniques and Mudras, all combined bring this amazing Kundalini Bodywork therapy the depth and power your clients are looking for. Upon successful completion of this course, a Certificate will be awarded in Kundalini Bodywork and Energetics. Learning the skill and the art of Kundalini Bodywork requires the practitioner to be present, aware and open to the experiences and energies of their clients.The process for some is a natural one, however for some, may require reading about Kundalini to assist you so as you may assist others in their Kundalini energy work.


As a Kundalini Therapist, you are not guaranteed to awaken or activate anyone’s Kundalini energy. You will be presenting them with the necessary knowledge and skills to work through their energy with touch and sensitivity. In Western cultures body contact is seldom a part of people’s everyday behavior, and the United States is perhaps the most non body-oriented culture of all. Our ever-developing technology allows us to be hooked up to our computers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And we have created a world of automated conveniences, where little movement is required. These features of our modern lifestyle impair our ability to connect with our bodies, and a growing number of people are responding to this disconnection by going to massage therapists for relaxation and stress reduction.Many body tensions are indications of repressed or unexpressed holding patterns. They may be the result of lifelong patterns of tension, or they may be caused by current or past physical trauma.


Simply put, the nature of our reactions to our own unique environmental stressors is actually captured in our bodies. Massage therapists act as facilitators or catalysts of change to the body structure. Most of us have a predominant holding pattern that may be one of these listed above, and many of us have combinations of holding patterns. It is the massage therapist’s contact with the body or movement of the body that allows him or her entry to your soma-body, which helps you to become whole and integrated once more. The massage therapist’s goal is to help you gain insight into your pattern of holding, or lack of flow, and to offer clients the awareness of the increased energy it takes to hold that pattern. This way we can slowly learn to reduce or eliminate the holding pattern, which is often a defense mechanism, if in fact, we are ready to give it up.Massage has been a part of the major medical delivery systems all over the world since its inception.


During the 19th century, there was a loss of interest in manual techniques in Western medicine when pharmaceuticals became a more prominent part of treatment. Since the early part of the 20th century, however, we have been experiencing a resurgence of the practice of manual therapies. More than one in five Americans report having had a massage from a massage therapist in the past five years. The Kundalini bodywork technique combines a variety of scientifically and empirically developed techniques and uses the Kundalini Energy to heal deep parts of energy blocks caused by stress and past traumas that are stored in the deeper tissue of the body. The Kundalini bodywork and therapy technique is applied by the therapist who has learned how to prepare with a very deep connection using the Kundalini Healing. To best facilitate healing, the practitioner works with the intention of positively affecting health and well being. The techniques include holding, movement, and/or applying pressure through stroking the body in a series of actions that are systematic and rhythmic in nature.



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