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 Begin your Tantric journey through the expansion of your energy and your awareness and by feeling the passion of the intimacy with a trained goddess....


TANTRA RED ... Is a structured session on the Massage Table or on Futon. This session is designed to show you some of the advanced movements of Tantra. With a full body touch and going through the mixture of the pranayama with the body dynamics and how each breath fits into the sexual posture and position you are then guided into a sensual simulation of the right flow and movements of energetics on the body. Spooning position, Missionary, Woman on Top positions are explored in this session. This is where the energy builds up in your body and you are experiencing a powerful energetic burst in the body where you learn to both experience bliss and be able to control it. Advanced Ejaculation Controlling Techniques are worked on in this session.



TANTRA BLUE .... This is conducted on the Futon on the Floor. A beautiful body to body experience. Allowing you to surrender to the goddess in a state of bliss. Body slides, going through the cobra breath and then moving into frontal bodywork and then finishing in Yab Yum position ... here is the chance to be dynamic with your body and more intimate with the practitioner. Sexual stimulation is dominant in this session and you are enticed in more ways than one...Covering Spooning on You, Spooning on Her, Coupled with breath and body dynamics, Yab Yum, Cobra, Cat/Cow, Etc...


 TANTRA BLACK ... A gorgeous sensation. A beautiful experience. Going through the different postures and positions of the Kama Sutra.. Tantra black entices you into several different positions... like the woman on top... missionary, cat/cow (doggy), yab yum, spooning and attunements... here you are simulating different postures and positions..  here is your change to experience the control levels and learn to sustain them in ways that you never thought you can.. challenge your pelvic floor to that of theTantra black..

Injaculation sensations, mind blowing prana and life force energy flows throughout your body in this session. You are not simply being touched, but you are meeting the divine....


Of course these sessions are absolutely beautiful. Can be conducted all at once or once a week to really benefit from the higher states of consciousness and the energetic flow of the body. To benefit from the ejaculation controlling techniques and here you are putting that into practice through pelvic floor exercises, body postures and positions and an enticing way of connecting to the goddess divine.


RED: 1 HR $180

BLUE 1HR $220

BLACK 1HR $250



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