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We are offering exclusively to our practitioners the opportunity to learn wellness massages to add onto their already skilled services.


CANDLEWAX - Including learning the way to make the candlewax candles.

Training 4 Hours. - $200US


HOT CHOCOLATE CEREMONY-  beautiful session of intoxication

4 Hours $200US


ABORIGIONAL HEALING - including smoking ceremony and animal totem healing

6 HOURS $350US


CHAKRA BALANCE - Balancing the energy centres - great for prior to or withing therapy sessions

6 Hours $350 US


PRANAYAMA HEALING - excellent for unfit and unhealthy clients. assists with blood circulation and flow.

6 HOURS $350 US


SALT GLOW AND BODY WRAPS - Learn different ways on working with and learning how to do a Body Wrap. You can offer a Salt detox, or a sensual or exotic wrap to rejuvenate the skin.

4 Hours $250


Fees are based on that you already know basic Bodywork techniques and have some experience or skill in Bodywork.


These skills are beautiful ways to learn new methods of Wellness techniques that are both different, and can be included and added onto a Tantra, or a Kundalini Session or offered on their own. Clients LOVE the opportunity to be pampered. and can evenn spend the entire day in your studio being indulged in the different services that you offer.


Email today to register your interest in these training. Once again, if you organise a group of 10 we will offer the training for you for free.


For Current Tantra Goddesses already trained in the JLT these wellness training sessions are Half Price





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